October 31

Poem of poems




read play sing

eat watch sleep

use it be it play is




always read never watch







Big small cold hot

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October 19

3/4 D 2018 Concert Poem 6 Room Recount

Bright lights

                                                Bright lights                      Bright lights

Curtain  up time to shine 

  Walls high as eye can see

Bright lights

                                                Bright lights


exited           ready

Bright lights


clapping             singing

                                                  Curtain down time to relax relax relax  

              Bright lights           Bright lights         

      Bright lights

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September 9

100WC Week #1 (19)

‘Well welcome back to a new semester at can school where we teach you how to recycle,’ said Miss Recycle, ‘grab your text books and read the following.

Welcome back to school the second lesson is to understand the meaning  of welcome back what do you think it means (leave a comment).

Third  task of the day is to use your knowledge and explain recycled and what it means in 60 minutes or less.

And now for your first lesson get to know your new class mates and explore the school and se if you can find all 16 of your classes.





August 17

Camp Wyuna Recount




On camp the least thing I liked was beach survivor because I dislike getting wet nor sandy the thing I most liked was team initiative because you had to work together to complete 2 courses. When all the 3/4’s left camp Wyuna I felt revealed  that I had no more known worries all I had to do is collect my suit case and leave. in preparation for leaving camp I packed on Tuesday night taking out my clothes for Wednesday and went to bed. On the way to camp my feelings changed from nervous to extremely ready and happy. The main message from camp that I got was that everywhere out side your comfort zone is where the magic happens.


Here is my lodge I’m cabin 3




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August 9

100WC Special Prompt #1 (18)

So as I looked over the edge I saw a giant whale ah its scary to talk about. the whale was a blue whale it was 30 meters long! As I was going to tell my mum I heard the whale say ‘he is going to tell his mother but I’am invisible.’ what I thought this whale can talk maybe he could be my fun friendly friend.

‘Hey mister whale do you want to be friends’

‘sure mister thing’

so me and a whale were’re friends for 2 days until winter came and he had to move south to Antarctica and live.



July 25

Sentence Fluency!!


I went to the park and played on the swings. Then I jumped on the trampoline with some other kids. Unfortunately I got really dirty, so I went home to change.

On my own

Exercise is good for you  it also gives you energy and  it can work off stress. It can make your body stronger so everyone should Exercise.

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June 29

Why do bees pollinate?

Why do bees pollinate?


Bees pollinate flowers to collect food for the colony and to make honey for humans.

Bees are flower feeding insects. Bees are flying insects that relate to wasps and ants all known for their role in pollination. Most bees depend on oil and pollen as energy and protein. Bees store honey for the whole colony and only the queen bee lays the eggs and when the baby bee’s pop out their called pupa. Most bees depend on oil and pollen as energy and protein.


If bees weren’t around all of the world’s crops will die. Bees are NO.1 on the list of important species. Bees are critical pollinators they pollinate 70% of our crops and feed 90% of our world population. Bees are responsible for 30 Billion dollars in crops a year. If bees weren’t here we would lose peaches, sunflower oil, kiwi, strawberries, onions, avocados, cherries, coffee, walnuts, cotton and much more. Bees preform vital tasks to survival of humanity.Bees use shape, colour and pattern to find the right flower. Bees get drawn by bright colours, patterns and occasionally odour. Some people claim to know that bees use electricity in the air to find huge fields of flowers. Some bees know if the flower has been pollinated so they go find a new on.Bees land on a flower sucking out pollen and nectar out via head and feet. One bee in the whole entire colony starts the process. When the bee land on the flower their feet slip into a sucking motion. When they leave the flower their feet Carries off a sack of pollen so when they land another flower the sack falls off. Worker bees land on a flower and suck out the rich yummy nectar. The pollination process starts with the transfer of pollen from the stigma to the carpel.

Most bees come from Europe and Asia. Bees live in colonies. In a colony there is female worker and male drones. In the hive you will find hexagon cells made from wax. Some bees live in colonies with up to fifty bees.

Many scientists have claimed that bees are responsible Bees use their feet to pollinate. As a bee lands on a flower they start the pollination process. When done the bee flies away carrying a sack of pollen which is then used to make seeds witch then make flowers and then the process starts again.

Bees are responsible for 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat. Bees suck the nectar through their head but not digesting it so they can share it with the colony.

So bees pollinate for the sake of humanity and survival of humans and crops.








Pollination- is when a bee takes pollen from the anther which is the bearing of the stamen which is the organ of the flower, to the stigma which is the male part of the flower, and from there transferred to the carpel which is the female part of the flower, which then makes seeds to make flowers.

Oil- a substance that is black and sloshy.

Nectar- something in a plant to make honey

Flower- A blossom of a plant

Bee- name for a wigged flower eating insect

Process- the way something happens

Stigma- the male part of the flower

Carpel- the female part of the flower


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June 28

100WC Week#37 (18)

It had been raining all day and it finally came . I had been waiting all day for this I thought.No no something is wrong it is disappearing no. The only time it rains up here is the only time I get to see it. Okay I will try make it rain I thought while drinking coffee. How? How? I know, okay I need a bucket, some water and a hose to spray the water in the sky.

Is it working is it I think it is yes it is. The rainbow is here yes.. yes now I can live happily.

(Click the picture to see this 100WC prompt)

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June 22

100WC 22/6/2018

“Hey Mum when did it arrive?” I said.

Hi my name is Marty  to tell you this story we need to go back to the 20’s because obviously were in  4049.

“Voooooosh” was the sound of us going back in time.

On the day of my birthday in 2008 I made a friend named Fred, one day he got in big trouble and no one except me liked him.

“Marty we need to go back in time,” Fred said

“okay I found this time machine online and I brought it but you owe me 100 dollars to use it ” I whispered

“fine let me use it” Fred said

Voooosh and here we are.

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