December 5

The adventures of the plant in the cupboard

The mysterious plant stood straight.

There was a mystery on my hands

As I strolled down the path in front of a grey open cupboard  in my house with a plant in it, my mum looked at me and knew I had a wild imagination

just what was I going to do next,

suddenly I got sucked into the plant…

I woke up and saw elves, I wasn’t scared I was exited, one elf was called paper clause and that is who i’am writing about I call it the adventures of  paper clause and his side kick Harrison.

I asked paper clause if I could see Santa but he was sick but I disobeyed him and went to see Santa I thought he died but he didn’t he just slept for 2 hours and then woke up okay.

After an hour of talking he  said I was a true believer so he let me ride in the slay with him and pull on the rains.


November 30

Plane Plunge!

‘GR’ the motor went.’OH HO’ I thought The plane dramatically tilted. The whale suddenly detached from the plane and we went bunging for a tall grey cupboard. GOOF the plane landed right through the roof of the cupboard ‘PIG.SNORT.MUD.’ I thought.

I decided to set up camp by the plane for fuel  so I could have a fire At midnight I jumped in the plane for warmth in th morning I went exploring, I found a door and I opened it it was a hackers room And they were using whales for experiments.

A few moments later I found Whales mother she was so badly damaged I had to call for back up not just my self but for Judith, Whales mother. I went on exploring and found a pail of e=water it had poison so I called the police and the place was shutdown and we all lived happily ever after.

June 28

The Incredible Ugly Monkey!!

One day this poor mother monkey ate something she shouldn’t have. The consequence was that her Baby was born ugly.

Mother monkey had a name her name was Bella or Isabella, she was 12 and a half kg.

Bella’s baby was called Bob the builder or for short Bobby or Bob, he was 6 kg half of his mothers wait.

Bob always got  bullied by the other monkeys and citizens.

So Mother monkey quietly put baby monkey away never to be seen again…

June 27

Friendship Hall Of Doom

At school Jack and Jill were great friends they would play and always have fun. But one mysteries day Jack and Jill became worst enemy’s ‘Ahh, I’m so angry at you!’ yelled Jill

‘I don’t care’ Shouted Jack.

The next day Jack and made new friends.

‘Hey Bob over here’ yelled Jack

‘Fred over here’ shouted Jill

‘offff, was the sound of Jack and Jill running into each other.

‘Hi’ Jill said meanly, Jack just ignored Jill and moved on and continued playing with Bob.

‘Ahh’ was the sound of Jill getting taken by terrorists.


‘no one can hear’ gogo said

‘who are you’ Jill asked

‘I’m gogo with no capital’

‘Jill is that you’ Jack asked faintly

‘yes yes’

‘did they take you to’


At this time Jill found a bobby pin and got out when gogo was gone she also took Jack and together they became friends again.