December 5

The adventures of the plant in the cupboard

The mysterious plant stood straight.

There was a mystery on my hands

As I strolled down the path in front of a grey open cupboard  in my house with a plant in it, my mum looked at me and knew I had a wild imagination

just what was I going to do next,

suddenly I got sucked into the plant…

I woke up and saw elves, I wasn’t scared I was exited, one elf was called paper clause and that is who i’am writing about I call it the adventures of  paper clause and his side kick Harrison.

I asked paper clause if I could see Santa but he was sick but I disobeyed him and went to see Santa I thought he died but he didn’t he just slept for 2 hours and then woke up okay.

After an hour of talking he  said I was a true believer so he let me ride in the slay with him and pull on the rains.


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