November 30

Plane Plunge!

‘GR’ the motor went.’OH HO’ I thought The plane dramatically tilted. The whale suddenly detached from the plane and we went bunging for a tall grey cupboard. GOOF the plane landed right through the roof of the cupboard ‘PIG.SNORT.MUD.’ I thought.

I decided to set up camp by the plane for fuel  so I could have a fire At midnight I jumped in the plane for warmth in th morning I went exploring, I found a door and I opened it it was a hackers room And they were using whales for experiments.

A few moments later I found Whales mother she was so badly damaged I had to call for back up not just my self but for Judith, Whales mother. I went on exploring and found a pail of e=water it had poison so I called the police and the place was shutdown and we all lived happily ever after.

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