May 30

100 Word Challenge!! Week#33 (18)

What is under that spike? Is it a fruit or sponge or man made object. I wonder what is under there.

“Hey Mum come here please,” I said
“there is a weird sharp object out here,”
“what no no yes yes DRAGON FRUIT!!”
“Dragon fruit. What is that?”

I wonder how or why it is here it like an alien or insect it is scary. Is it an animal or DRAGON because it has the word DRAGON.


“No silly its a fruit and there is no dragon in it,”

“Few I was scared But I should not be.”


(If you want to see this 100WC prompt click HERE)



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2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge!! Week#33 (18)

  1. Brooklyn

    I like the 100WC I liked that you explained what was going on in 100 words. But make sure to put capitol letters for example What is under that spike? is it a fruit or sponge or man made object.


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