December 18


Today I watched or read Kids story’s

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3 facts are that Queensland is in a drought. robotics will help the human kind in the future and people can die from deadly disease

2 understandings are that people in Queensland can die from the drought because there is a short on food and water and that people world wide suffer from life or death disease.

1 question is that how do you make a robotic arm from scratch.

December 5

The adventures of the plant in the cupboard

The mysterious plant stood straight.

There was a mystery on my hands

As I strolled down the path in front of a grey open cupboard  in my house with a plant in it, my mum looked at me and knew I had a wild imagination

just what was I going to do next,

suddenly I got sucked into the plant…

I woke up and saw elves, I wasn’t scared I was exited, one elf was called paper clause and that is who i’am writing about I call it the adventures of  paper clause and his side kick Harrison.

I asked paper clause if I could see Santa but he was sick but I disobeyed him and went to see Santa I thought he died but he didn’t he just slept for 2 hours and then woke up okay.

After an hour of talking he  said I was a true believer so he let me ride in the slay with him and pull on the rains.


November 30

Plane Plunge!

‘GR’ the motor went.’OH HO’ I thought The plane dramatically tilted. The whale suddenly detached from the plane and we went bunging for a tall grey cupboard. GOOF the plane landed right through the roof of the cupboard ‘PIG.SNORT.MUD.’ I thought.

I decided to set up camp by the plane for fuel  so I could have a fire At midnight I jumped in the plane for warmth in th morning I went exploring, I found a door and I opened it it was a hackers room And they were using whales for experiments.

A few moments later I found Whales mother she was so badly damaged I had to call for back up not just my self but for Judith, Whales mother. I went on exploring and found a pail of e=water it had poison so I called the police and the place was shutdown and we all lived happily ever after.

November 29

100wc 29/11/18

This weeks prompt is: … we seemed to be on the television…

Goal: is to add interesting words

Suddenly we seemed to be on TV! I turned it off and yelled to my mum


My mum replied with pure silence I was scared. My brother and I leapt into the kitchen, we saw mum standing there as still as she could. My stomach dropped as she slowly turned with a distorted face I repeated to her,

“mum we seemed to be on TV one minute ago.”
She slowly walked towards me I leapt back closing the door I was stuck…



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October 31

Poem of poems




read play sing

eat watch sleep

use it be it play is




always read never watch







Big small cold hot

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October 19

3/4 D 2018 Concert Poem 6 Room Recount

Bright lights

                                                Bright lights                      Bright lights

Curtain  up time to shine 

  Walls high as eye can see

Bright lights

                                                Bright lights


exited           ready

Bright lights


clapping             singing

                                                  Curtain down time to relax relax relax  

              Bright lights           Bright lights         

      Bright lights

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September 9

100WC Week #1 (19)

‘Well welcome back to a new semester at can school where we teach you how to recycle,’ said Miss Recycle, ‘grab your text books and read the following.

Welcome back to school the second lesson is to understand the meaning  of welcome back what do you think it means (leave a comment).

Third  task of the day is to use your knowledge and explain recycled and what it means in 60 minutes or less.

And now for your first lesson get to know your new class mates and explore the school and se if you can find all 16 of your classes.




August 17

Camp Wyuna Recount




On camp the least thing I liked was beach survivor because I dislike getting wet nor sandy the thing I most liked was team initiative because you had to work together to complete 2 courses. When all the 3/4’s left camp Wyuna I felt revealed  that I had no more known worries all I had to do is collect my suit case and leave. in preparation for leaving camp I packed on Tuesday night taking out my clothes for Wednesday and went to bed. On the way to camp my feelings changed from nervous to extremely ready and happy. The main message from camp that I got was that everywhere out side your comfort zone is where the magic happens.


Here is my lodge I’m cabin 3




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August 9

100WC Special Prompt #1 (18)

So as I looked over the edge I saw a giant whale ah its scary to talk about. the whale was a blue whale it was 30 meters long! As I was going to tell my mum I heard the whale say ‘he is going to tell his mother but I’am invisible.’ what I thought this whale can talk maybe he could be my fun friendly friend.

‘Hey mister whale do you want to be friends’

‘sure mister thing’

so me and a whale were’re friends for 2 days until winter came and he had to move south to Antarctica and live.